How to easily germinate your Feijoa seeds

To germinate seeds, place some dampened paper towel into a snaplock sandwich bag.
Place the seeds on top of the paper towel in the bag and then seal the bag.
Ideally, place the bag in a darkened draw or cupboard so the seeds are in darkness and the bag contents remain moist.
Place the covered seeds in a warm (21 deg C) spot.

Check the seeds every day, wetting the paper towel when necessary.
Transplant the seeds when they open and the root tip can be seen like the picture over the page.

Gently place the seed into a small seedling tray filled with seedling mix to a depth of approximately 5mm.
Carefully water (the best method is with a spray bottle as not to disrupt the seed) sparingly and allow your seedling to grow.
For best results choose the appropriate area for your seedlings out of the direct sun and wind to allow them the best chance for survival.
Once your seedling is to a suitable size, transfer to a larger pot.