Feijoa Addiction established 2011

Based in Brisbane, Australia. Feijoa Addiction is all things Feijoa. We are a major supplier and marketer of Australian and New Zealand Feijoa's worldwide. From wholesale to the individual, from import to export, from fresh to processed Feijoa products, we cater for most Feijoa cravings.

It's also worth noting we sell other NZ loved produce such as fresh Oca / NZ Yams and Tamarillo's when in season.

We make our own Feijoa products such as Juice, Puree, Cheese Paste, Chilli and Chutney made from 100% Australian produce and continually working on improving on our product range as well as finding other Feijoa products from other producers to share also.

We provide commercial grower support, marketing Feijoas under the Feijoa addiction banner ultimately working on the best returns where everyone can benefit including the end consumer.

We are experienced in Feijoa cultivation from backyard to commercial growing.

We love to share all the special moments there are to be had with the forgotten fruit.

Anything Feijoa you know who to talk to.